Litigation Support

Litigation support can provide the tools, expertise, and resources needed to support the legal process and help achieve the best possible outcome.

Expert Witnesses

Qualified, objective, defensible, and credentialed experts to bring clarity in federal, state, and bankruptcy courts matters from the planning stages to delivery in the courtroom. We simplify complex situations and bring clarity to our clients.

Reporting & Analysis

Experienced and credentialed in fraud perpetration methods and fraud documentation/tracing, business valuation opinions, industry and economic data and trends, opposing expert rebuttal analysis, and reporting in a defensible but simple and easy to understand position in a case.

Compliance and Regulatory Assistance

Business litigation support can help ensure that the business is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Mediation and Settlement Negotiation

Our reputation is that we are the “Right Expert” and instrumental in negotiations and approaches to settle before reaching trial including assistance. We are versatile in unique approaches in crafting settlement offers and terms to avoid costly trial proceedings.