Growth & Performance

Working with our client’s team, we develop systematic, practical solutions that deliver higher revenue, CAGR and margin enhancements while strategically driving lower costs. Our proprietary assessment process and proven execution tools enable us to quickly deliver exceptional results. Middle-market companies can usually double bottom line profit within 6-12 months and quadruple bottom line profit in 1-3 years. Our experience, process and proven proprietary tools incorporate the following

Customer/Product Profitability Analytics

We prepare, benchmark and analyze customer distribution channels and product profitability mix. This can often lead to strategic shifts enabling profit improvement.

Pricing Analytics

We look at a number of elements including relevant profitability metrics, market data, historical pricing, customer categorization, product cost, and breakeven analysis. This can usually lead to early increases in profitability.

Explore new markets

Bring existing core competencies (e.g., product offerings, customer base, intellectual capital, technology advantages, etc.) into new markets through new distribution channels.

Product development

New products and, new (or relaunched) brands can lead to top line and improved margin from optimized sales mix.

Operational Effectiveness/Efficiency

Lean, six-sigma methodologies and related analytics are used on the factory floor, service operations, and back office.

Overhead and Fixed Cost Benchmarking

Our experience coupled with access to industry research and benchmark data, helps identify areas where costs can be reduced or optimized to improve overall efficiency and profitability.

Downturn Contingency Planning

Are you ready for a recession or other unplanned drop in sales and profitability? We help companies forecast how their financial outlook can erode and work with your team to develop contingency plans.

KPI’s/Balanced Scorecard

Key performance indicators (KPI’s) are measurable metrics used to evaluate the performance of an individual , team, department or organization. We leverage your team and use proprietary tools to establish and optimize KPI’s to manage risk, promote accountability, and achieve goals.